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How Marketing Automation Fuels Content Creation and Amplification

A webinar on how marketing automation enables you to create the right content and share it with your leads effectively.

A lot of time, effort, and strategy goes into your content marketing.

There's brainstorming topic ideas, the process of actually creating and editing the content, implementing an SEO strategy, and making sure you share it out on the right channels so the right people see it and engage with it. That's why having a marketing automation tool is so important.

In this webinar, Allie Wolff, Director of Product Marketing at BenchmarkONE, discusses how marketing automation helps you take the content you're creating and use it strategically in your email nurture campaigns, sales outreach, and other marketing campaigns for optimal engagement.

What You’ll Learn

  • How marketing automation enables you to send the right content to your leads
  • How marketing automation provides you with another channel for content distribution
  • How tapping into the data within your marketing automation and CRM tool can help you determine what kinds of content you need to create

Start creating and sharing the right content with the right leads at the right time.