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Turn Your Website into a Sales Machine

Sales Strategies for Businesses and Agencies with an Online Presence



Turn Your Website into a Sales Machine

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Put Your Website to Work for Your Business

Most businesses are always looking for the “silver bullet” to drive new and repeat sales. If you’ve already invested in SEO, PPC and social media, then congrats! You’ve made it past a big hurdle that small businesses face; getting found online.


But did you know that 96% of people are not ready to buy from you the first time they visit your website? (Source Kiss Metrics)


Today’s prospect will visit your website, your competitor’s website, industry publications, online review sites and social media.


Why? To whittle down their list of potential vendors long before ever contacting your business or any sales representative.


This guide explores how to capture more prospects earlier in the buying process so you can earn their trust and convert them into sales.