We have to preface this article by pointing out the great irony of its existence: the best email sign-offs are unique. Not just unique for a person (“Wishing you many rainbows for the upcoming week!”), but unique between you and the person to whom you’re writing. The most memorable email sign-offs deal directly with a subject or history that’s familiar and distinct to your relationship. Just be a human being.

For example, if you’re writing to someone about a tech conference, you might write, predictably, “Looking forward to seeing you at the tech conference” as your sign-off. That in itself, while simple, is better than “Best” or “Cheers.”

But, okay. It’s not always that easy. Sometimes you need a little inspiration. That’s why we’re here. Behold, a list of flawless email signatures, sign-offs and farewells that we absolutely guarantee will resonate with anyone who has a sense of humor or humanity.

These won’t all apply to you, and you might find some of them silly (well, they are), but we guarantee they will, at least, be memorable.

Looking forward to chatting more about this. In the business world, no conversation ever truly ends. Signing off like this keeps the option for further communication open and shows a bit of enthusiasm.

Let me know how things go. The ball’s in their court now! Make them get back to you by showing how interested you are in whatever they’re up to.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. If you’re pitching something, you want to be as open as possible to their response. This one’s a good option for that.

Have a good evening / weekend, and I hope you don’t spend too much time staring at screens. Anyone who works at an office will understand this.

Congratulations again on the [recent achievement worth congratulating]! Did they recently do something impressive? Acknowledge them for it.

Thanks for reading this whole email. Here’s a picture of a puppy. I mean, it doesn’t have to be a puppy. But it’s always nice to be rewarded for finishing a novella-sized email.

Always great to chat with you. Hopefully you’re not lying about this one. Regardless, it’ll make the recipient feel good and enjoy the correspondence.

Cordially. Who says this anymore? You do, that’s who!

Waiting for your reply. This is a handy way to put a bit of pressure on anyone to get back to you ASAP—maybe a busy manager or a lead you’re nudging along.

Hope things go well for you. If you’re not directly involved in a project or assignment, but you want to express some solidarity, supportive sign-offs like these are a good bet.

I’ll be in touch. Keep the onus on you to make next contact, while keeping the lines of communication open. This is nice because it’s basically saying, “You don’t have to email me anymore; I’ll email you.”

See you soon. But, you know, only if you actually will. Don’t want to sound creepy now.

Glad to see you back in action. A great way to welcome back someone who’s spent some time away.

Let me know if you want to chat about this over coffee. Always a pleasant idea to elevate email communication into casual real-life meetings. Some people still value that, you know.

Wishing this were Slack. Want to upgrade your business communication? Make a not-so-subtle nod to one of our favorite small business mobile apps.

Enjoy your vacation—you’ve earned it. But only if you actually think they earned it. If they haven’t, find another salutation. We don’t recommend writing: “Enjoy your vacation, even though you’ve done nothing to deserve the privilege of being paid to sit on a beach.”

Maybe we can reconnect on this down the line. Is a lead not engaging with your sales pitch? End on an optimistic note—never shut the door on possibility.

All the best from everyone here. This one elevates the standard “Best” to include your company, family or friends, adding a nice collectivity to otherwise individual communication.  

I’m sure you’ll do great. A good idea if you’re writing to someone who’s nervous about an upcoming presentation or pitch. Everyone loves encouragement.

Virtually yours. Get it? Because it’s virtual mail.

I’m just going to end the email here because I don’t do clever email sign-offs. Go meta or go home.

Always a pleasure. This one’s so sincere it’ll make anyone say “Aw, shucks.”

It’s easy to get lost in the inbox, but it’s easier to be remembered with one of these signatures.