Many small businesses would like more customer referrals, but don’t necessarily know how to go about receiving them. Ideally our enthusiastic customers would reach out to their dearest friends and colleagues and recommend our product or service, but we know that is not typically the case. If you get frustrated by your companies lack of referrals despite the positive feedback you consistently receive, give the following a try.

3 Foolproof Ways To Get More Referrals

Simply Ask

Sometimes the easiest and most effective way to go about getting referrals is to simply ask for them! A happy customer leaving your office or emailing you to thank you is the perfect time to slip in and ask for a referral. You may be surprised that more times than not, a happy customer is willing to hand you over some contacts if you ask!

Give To Get

While trying to receive referrals yourself, don’t forget to also give referrals for others. Often times referring someone else can create a larger network of contacts. In return, the person or company you referred will mostly likely jump at the opportunity to recommend you. Don’t forget the principle, you got to give some to get some – this attitude can go a long way in growing referrals!

Use Email To Your Advantage

If your customer has just purchased a new product or service from your company, an email should follow immediately after offering them a “refer a friend” opportunity. Remember to keep your emails tailored and to the point, with a clear call to action. What can your business offer up in exchange for a referral? Make it worth your customer’s time to reach out and offer a referral! A short email with a distinct call to action and referral link will be crucial in getting customers to act.