Employees within a small business are likely wearing several hats at any given time. The number one complaint I hear from clients is, “I just don’t have enough time in my day, and therefore I’ve neglected to follow-up with my customers.” We are all human, and if you’ve ever felt this way – rest assured you are not alone. With that said, here are 3 easy ways you can set yourself up for success that won’t take hours of planning or take attention away from where you need it most.


3 Easy Ways To Keep Up With Your Customers:


Send Text-Only Emails

Creating a huge HTML newsletter sounds intimidating, right? You have to find all the right images, articles, and then try to come up with the content on top of that. Where newsletters fall short, text-only emails stand out. Sometimes all a customer needs from you is a short follow-up, “Hey just wanted to check in and see how everything was going,” – or a thoughtful, “Found this great article that I wanted to share with you, check it out and let me know what you think!”

Interact On Social Media

Social Media allows you to quickly and easily interact with your customers upon short notice. Instead of using Facebook or Twitter to merely self-promote, try providing a mix of business information and general news. Stumbled across a great article or blog? Why not share it with your customers and start a discussion. It’s a simple way you can maintain presence within your customers lives while on a hectic schedule.

Utilize Your Customer Relationship Management Program (CRM)

Remembering everything about your customer is super-human. We often pressure ourselves to try to remember everything from re-order dates to quarterly check-ins, resulting in lousy follow-up. Don’t put another unnecessary responsibility on your plate that a CRM could take care of.  Having information in one place with automatic reminders can prevent guess-work, and create better follow-up habits for your small business.