Millions of dads everywhere will be celebrating their special day Sunday, chillin, barbequing, and opening their gifts. Father’s Day is a time to let the dad in your life know just how much he means to you.

But – one of the toughest parts of Dad’s day is figuring out exactly what to get him.

So if you love your dad and want to stay in his good graces, you may want to avoid the urge to buy these 9.5 well-intentioned, yet still awful, Father’s Day gifts:

1: DIY Coupons – Redeemable Anytime

Giving the gift of time…generous, no? Unfortunately, giving dad handwritten offers to mow his lawn or to take him to lunch comes off as a last-minute gift idea.  Might as well just give him an “I-O-U.”
dad coupon

Like most dads who love their kids, I appreciate the talented artwork and the fact that every dad should be rockin the Abe Lincoln Hat, but shouldn’t kids give their father’s hugs anyway?  Instead of a coupon book that never gets redeemed, spend quality time with your dad on Father’s Day doing something together that you have in common. Take him to his favorite lunch spot or go to a baseball game together. Just stay away from the fridge art and coupon books.

2: Anti-Fart Underwear

I am not sure why, but we all tend to get our dads gifts that we think solve a problem in their lives. Like nose trimmers, the always helpful tie-rack, or even the latest gadget, like the Fitbit. So if your dad is a little gassy from time to time, you may be inclined to give him a pair of anti-flatulence underwear. If you have watched the show Shark Tank then you know they really do exist.

But, before you spring for a few pairs, ask yourself what’s better: A Farting Dad or knowing that he is sporting underwear with a charcoal insert:
anti-fart underwear


3: Things that Say He’s One in a Million (but really mean that he’s one of a million)


There is always a desire to get dad a gift that tells him he is the greatest. But actually getting him a mug or shirt that millions of other dads are wearing kind of loses its luster.


worlds greatest dad


Don’t agree? Then be sure to ask for “The World’s Greatest Kid” mug or shirt for your birthday this year.

4: Hair Visor

Why not get the “World’s Greatest Dad” a thoughtful gift that reminds him that he is bald and looks like someone glued a patch of shag carpet on top of a visor?  I know what you are thinking: The hair visor is a nifty way to block out the sun and look stylish at the same time. Don’t do it.

dad hair visor


5: Gag Gifts

Who doesn’t just love a fun novelty gift? Dads that’s who. That means stay away from temporarily humorous – yet useless – gag gifts, like the potty putter:

dad potty putter

Or the runny nose bathroom dispenser:
dad snot sopa

If you want to buy a gag gift save it for your next bachelor party. Try to restrain yourself on Father’s Day (unless you look forward to disposing of said gag-gift in 20 years when your parents decide to downsize from their family home to a condo in Florida).

6: Privacy Hoodie

Every dad loves and needs some alone time. But it’s going a little too far when you get him a human sock for his computer:


dad - privacy sweater


So if you are determined to get this must-have gift, at least buy this one, it comes in a hoodie version:
dad privacy hoodie

7: Man Purse, a.k.a Murse

Jerry Seinfeld tried to make the man purse in vogue, and Zach Galifianakis attempted to bring them mainstream in “The Hangover,” but for good reasons it never caught on. Even though your dad may have a lot to carry around with him,remember you are buying a gift for your father – not Indiana Jones.


Man Purse gif


8: Lawn Tools

Forget about the wheelbarrows and the weedwacker. If your dad loves the outdoors, don’t give him a gift that makes him work. Give him one that creates a memory such as an interactive experience like extreme sandbox:
dad extreme sandbox

Extreme Sandbox is Tonka Toys for Big boys. They let customers play on construction equipment including bulldozers and 26-ton excavators. So instead of digging a hole with a Home Depot shovel, both you and Dad can jump into some really cool machinery and dig some holes or even crush a few cars. Now that’s a memorable gift.


9: Goofy Ties

Most dads don’t need another tie, much less one that screams my kids think I am a dork. Dads feel the pressure to wear their gifts no matter how goofy they might be:


dad tie


So the next time you are thinking about getting dadio a Superman tie or custom tie with your name on it, think twice. If you want your dad to actually wear your gift in public, checkout places like Bomfell. Hip clothes picked out by a designer, sent right to his door:
dad clothes

Bonus: Sandal Socks

Socks in general are a lame gift. It’s worse that some dads believe that sandals and socks should be worn together. Put them together and you have, sock sandals – the ultimate gift for helping your dad tell the world I have no clue how to dress myself.  Just because you can wear something doesn’t mean you – or your dad – should.


dad sandle socks

Getting a great gift for Dad isn’t about gimmicks, free coupon books, or helping your dad accumulate treasures to help stock his next garage sale.  Gift-giving on Father’s Day is about truly knowing him and what he loves to do. Stay away from these 9.5 awful gifts and you’ll avoid the Father’s Day disappointment this year.