With so much on your plate, every second counts. That’s why we love the simple task automation tool, Zapier. With Zapier, you can easily automate pesky, repetitive tasks that eat up a lot of time, create room for error and yet add little value to your day.

You already may know that  BenchmarkONE automates your marketing by sending super-targeted emails and campaigns to your contacts based on their interests. But when you use BenchmarkONE in tandem with Zapier, you open up a whole new world of automation.

Here are 48 simple, pre-built workflows you can use to cut out boring administrative tasks and leverage each and every connection your business has to turn contacts into customers:

Connect with Event Attendees

Webinar sign-ups and conference attendees are awesome for your list, but what happens when the event is over? With BenchmarkONE and Zapier, you can keep the conversation going long after your event to stay top of mind and turn those top and mid-funnel leads into customers.

Collect Contacts from Landing Pages and Forms

If your website is built for conversion, you have a steady stream of leads coming in from landing pages and forms. With a simple zap, you can harness the nurturing power of BenchmarkONE to send targeted emails overtime to turn new leads into customers.

Easily Manage Contacts

Using BenchmarkONE for marketing automation, but storing contact information somewhere else? Zapier can help add and update contacts in other spreadsheets, databases and CRMs for data that is clean, usable and up-to-date.

Say it With a Text Message

What’s even better than landing in the email inbox? Getting a text message right in the hands of your prospects and customers. Use Zapier’s built-in SMS app to easily send a timely text message as part of a BenchmarkONE email campaign.

Pull in Survey Respondents

Whether you’re calculating your business’s NPS score, or simply adding new details to contact records, surveys are an easy way to learn valuable information about your prospects and customers. Automatically add and update contacts with a zap.

Follow Up with Appointments

Scheduling tools are super useful for setting up meetings and appointments on the fly. With a zap you can use BenchmarkONE tag rules to update contact information (like change contact status from lead to hot prospect) or start a follow-up series of emails to keep your contacts in the loop post-meeting.

Boost Productivity

If you’re anything like the BenchmarkONE team, you live in Slack. Get Slack channel notifications about your BenchmarkONE contacts to keep on top of hot prospects or important customers without logging in to BenchmarkONE.

Add Contacts from Live Chat Tools

What’s even more awesome than forms for capturing leads on your website? Live chat tools are the perfect way to engage with hot leads. Create a zap to pull those contacts into BenchmarkONE for instant lead generation.

Update Contact Data from Charges and Payments

There’s nothing better than consistent data across apps. Keep Hatchbuck up-to-date with contact details from your invoicing and accounting software – or vise-versa.

Track Who’s Talking to Your Support Team

With Zapier, you can enrich your customer experience by keeping tabs on your contacts’ support ticket activity.

Leverage Other Email Tools

Give your sales team the power to send an email personalized with BenchmarkONE contact data right from their Gmail account – creating that one-on-one inbox experience for your sales opportunities.

Connect with Social Media

Turn social media activity into sales. Automatically import new leads from Facebook. Send a tweet as part of a BenchmarkONE campaign to keep prospects engaged on their favorite platform. Or, turn social media contest participants into bonafide leads for your sales team.

Stay in Touch with Ecommerce Customers

An ecommerce sale is nothing without targeted follow-up. Add new contacts to BenchmarkONE from ecommerce apps and keep the conversation going with targeted BenchmarkONE campaigns. Turn one-time sales into repeat business.

This is just the tip of the iceberg to help you brainstorm new ways you can be automating your business behind the scenes.

When it comes to generating sales for your B2B, you need to take advantage of every opportunity in your pipeline. With BenchmarkONE + the power of Zapier, you can automate your marketing and sales process to swiftly and accurately turn your contacts into new opportunities and new business.

Learn more about using BenchmarkONE and Zapier to generate leads and automate sales and marketing with a live demo.