Content marketing can get a lot of attention from the right target audience with consistency and engaging material.

Here are 12 impressive companies that might be small, but know how to work their crowds:

1.  PetaPixel: Introducing a new app for tracking pricey photography gear, PetaPixel created this infographic on filched gear.


2.  Donald Bittar:  The motivational speaker, author, teacher and CFO is best known for his books on financial freedom, but he often uses great quotes paired with visual aids to get his audience to engage with likes and Retweets. Some of his most recent posts include quotes from Socretes and “Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.” from Kiyosaki.

  3.  Bravas Food:  Keeping their sense of spunk and personality, the local food joint uses fun ads (and pictures of their amazing burgers) to remind followers to come visit them for their next meal.

Tomorrow we start our first ever regular deal buster. Come get you some, yo. A photo posted by Bravas Food (@bravasfood) on

4.  Birch Box:  From blog post instructographs on how to remove makeup stains to YouTube video featured box reveals, to an extremely active Pinterest account (13k pins and counting), Birtchbox uses catchy images and intensive efforts to create a smart content marketing scheme that keeps up with all 6 social media profiles and its blog. No lack of effort or content here!


5.  Natural Force:  With a blog focused on natural foods and Paleo diets, plus shiny ads that are featured everywhere from Google to the physical WOD magazine, Natural Force has their target audience on lock.

natural force


6.  iNK:  A smart little instructograph is featured on the home page of this screen printing company to help the customer know how their print and design process works.

ink infographic

7.  Shake-Away:  Using smart language and simple images, the social media campaign for Shake-Away often crosses from one platform to another — a great way to get followers engaged and following along while reducing the effort.

8.  Discount Juicers:  If you are interested in getting a juicer, you will notice that the extensive library John has put out that covers juciers versus other juicers in juice-offs, as well as tips for better juicing and juice recipes. These videos are funny and salesy, but it is the mere range of video coverage that makes his content marketing work for his business in selling the very juicers he examines for nearly 60k subscribers.


9.  Point6 Socks:  Retweeting customer images and experiences is a great way to prove value. 

Happy Feet! Thanks for the photo Point6 New Zealand #controlyourclimate #PGGWboys

— Point6 Socks (@point6) July 15, 2015

10.  The Minimalists:  Joshua and Ryan have made a business out of helping others buy less and get to the heart of the matter in everything. They also have an extensive content marketing plan that covers seven top social media platforms and a blog with fresh content.


11.  Bayou Hot Wings:  Small food businesses, like Bayou Hot Wings, do really well when they continue to post delicious pictures of food and Retweet pictures their consumers are posting. Yum.

12.  mindbodygreen:  Posting tips and ideas to Twitter, mindbodygreen is dedicated to teaching hundreds of thousands of followers to take better care of their bodies and live more balanced lifestyles.