It’s official! We’ve finally launched our software built specifically for K12 communicators and recruiters. It’s called K12 Edition

The K12 Edition enables school communicators to create beautiful and on-brand school newsletters effortlessly. The job of a school communicator is no easy feat. Keeping your communities abreast of the most up-to-date information regarding school events, policies, and more is not a task to be taken lightly and therefore requires some serious tools to get the job done. We built the K12 Edition to streamline workflows for K12 professionals, so they can keep parents informed and balance the other day-to-day duties their role demands. 

Create School Newsletters with Ease  

Our email builder is hassle-free. Use our drag-and-drop tools to craft an email that is packed with necessary information and visually appealing. Nothing will get missed because you’re in the driver’s seat and deciding how your email should look and what it should say. 

Send Targeted Outreach 

Keeping track of all the important contacts you’re reaching out to, and what kind of messaging makes sense for them, is imperative. But for most school communicators, that’s a pretty lengthy list, and it can be hard to manage it on your own. That’s why our custom CRM tool manages your contacts for you. You can segment your contacts based on various initiatives, making targeted outreach a sinch. And by sending the right messages to the right people, you can increase donor participation, spread buzz for a specific school event, or keep the 8th-grade parents informed on the upcoming class field trip. 

Increase School Interest

When people visit your school’s website, create a way to stay connected and enroll in your email outreach. Use our Landing Pages and Popups to track website visitors’ information, allowing you to add them to your contacts list and send them personalized information. This gives you the chance to send them information about your educational institution, increasing their engagement and interest.

Keep Track of Your Success

Stop wondering if your contacts engage with your email outreach. With our email marketing software, you’ll be able to access essential metrics that will let you know how well your emails are performing. This kind of insight will inform where your efforts are succeeding, and where you’ll need to make adjustments for improved success. 

If you’re a school communicator looking for an easier, more strategic way to keep parents, donors, educators, and students informed, look no further. Check out our K12 Edition today!