A great way to step back and recognize your achievements is through social media. As a small business owner, you’re hustling to get as much done in a day so it’s hard to celebrate those achievements and goals you have met.

Facebook has a cool, underused feature that can help you document and showcase your achievements in a simple, easy way: Milestones.

Here’s how simple it is to upload your Milestones to Facebook:

Step One: Go to your Facebook page.

Step Two: In the section that Facebook asks you “What have you been up to?” and where you type out your status, there are three tabs in that box. Click “Offer, Event +”

Step Three: Select Milestone

Step Four: Complete the form (don’t forget to add a bit of background in the story section & a photo!) and be sure to keep ‘Hide from News Feed’ unchecked!


Milestones can serve as a post in your social strategy to increase engagement! Your milestones will show in your About section under Life Events. You can use this as a quick reference and a source of inspiration to see how far you have come with your business!

Add your milestones to Facebook when you complete a large goal such as earning your first buck and other big events. Other great milestones ideas are highlighting when your rockstar employees came on board, when you hit your 10th, 100th, and 10,000th customer,  facelifts to your company with rebranding, and the launch of your big marketing campaign.

Take pride in your great milestones as a small business owner and show the world the strength of your company with Milestones!