Content marketing is a continually evolving field. Just when you think you know everything that you need to know, something gets introduced or changed, and you feel like you’re starting from scratch once again. 

To help you stay afloat, we recommend keeping up to date with a variety of content marketing blogs. A great blog will help break down the basics — both old and new — so that you can stay on top of the game and excel in your marketing strategy, even when it seems like there’s always so much to learn. It can also be a great resource for inspiring topic ideas, data, and research to back up the content you create on your company’s blog. 

So what are some of the best blogs to follow for content marketing tips? Here are nine of our go-to’s for the digestible, interesting information served hot, fresh, and on the regular.

1. Content Marketing Institute (CMI)

There’s always something new to learn on the CMI blog, which updates daily with articles that can help you craft more effective content plans — and more effective content. We particularly like their focus on taking common content marketing “rules” and either myth-busting them or making a case for why you should be paying attention. It helps break the assumption that anything is normal in this ever-changing industry.

2. MarketingProfs

The MarketingProfs blog offers a wealth of information, with a variety of resources that includes everything from articles, charts, and guides, to webinars, video tutorials, and original reports. You get deep insight into the content marketing topics that matter most, plus the ability to interact with topics in a way that you find most engaging. Make sure you sign up (it’s free), so you can access all that MarketingProfs has to offer. 

3. BenchmarkONE

You’re already here, so we hope that you see the value we bring. We love digging into anything and everything having to do with small business content marketing. Our blog is one of the places where we go to share that information and inspire others to embrace the challenges of the field. Our focus is on actionable insights, with specific takeaways that you can easily use to adapt and enhance your content strategy — and we’re not slowing down any time soon, so we encourage you to keep coming back!

4. Convince and Convert

Convince and Convert knows their stuff when it comes to digital marketing, and their blog is the place to go for quick lessons on key topics. Are you currently struggling with lead generation? Or what about nurturing your leads to a sale? Convince and Convert has totally got you covered and offers an array of articles on how content marketing can help you achieve both. As a bonus, a lot of their posts are industry-specific, which helps you avoid digging when trying to find articles directly related to your field.

5. Duct Tape Marketing

Like us, Duct Tape Marketing has its focus set on small businesses, and this can be incredibly helpful when you’re figuring out how to navigate content marketing with limited resources. They offer advice on things like bridging the gap between your marketing and sales teams and finding your brand’s unique marketing voice. With plenty of helpful takeaways, you can apply any of Duct Tape Marketing’s tips to your own best practices.

6. ClickZ

We like ClickZ for a lot of reasons, including that it’s super easy to scroll through and find the types of articles that you’re looking for. Topics are diverse and interactive, ranging from social media and data-driven marketing to artificial intelligence and state of the industry reporting. If you want great insight in an easily accessible format, it’s definitely going to hit the mark.

7. {grow}

The name might be funky, but {grow} is straightforward in their approach to small business content marketing advice. The brainchild of marketing consultant Mark Schaefer, this blog offers a true community of support, with a lot of great, tactical tips and examples that you can apply to your particular situation.

8. Copyblogger

Copyblogger has one major goal with their blog: help you write better content. It’s like a free content writing class right on your screen. Copyblogger publishes articles that cover various (and often misunderstood) facets of successful copywriting, such as applying classic persuasion techniques to the modern world and exactly how to incorporate SEO into your content.

The best content marketing blogs are the ones that resonate with you. We encourage all businesses — whether small, large or somewhere in between — to find several blogs that they can turn to for reliable and interesting content related to the topics that matter most to them. To make sure you don’t miss a beat, sign up for your preferred blogs’ email newsletters, and you’ll always know when new resources are released.

Each blog on this list has something unique to offer, and all of them do so with reputability and authority. With such expert advice on your side, you really can’t go wrong.