If you’re only using social media to share promotional content about your brand, you’re missing out on the tremendous opportunity that exists. In fact, while there’s nothing necessarily wrong with using social media to boost sales, the real value in these online communities lies in the ability to develop and nurture genuine relationships with your customers and prospects. Here are four simple things you can start doing today that will help you make more meaningful connections via your social channels.

Take them behind the scenes.

Your fans and followers on social media already know your brand. What they don’t know is what goes on behind the scenes. Social media is a great tool for breathing life into a logo or putting a personality to a picture, so use it to your full advantage. Share images or video footage of the people who are behind your products or services. Showcase the passion and enthusiasm that is alive and well in your workplace. This will make your customers feel more like insiders, which breeds loyalty.

Highlight the causes you support.

If your company is active in supporting certain causes, social media is a great place to share that passion with the masses. Not only will doing so be good for the underlying cause, but demonstrating your commitment to social responsibility could very well lead to a boost in business. In fact, 90 percent of consumers say they’d be more likely to purchase based on a company’s responsibility practices, and 80 percent would share that information with others.

Make them laugh.

One of the best ways to connect with your customers in a more personal and meaningful way is to tap into their emotions. Social media can be a great vessel to deliver light-hearted content that entertains and engages your audience. For instance, you could share a link to a funny article or video that is relevant to your brand. Or, you could create comical (and share-worthy) memes that your fans and followers can relate to. They’ll appreciate it and the engagement you’ll get in return will be worth it.

Ask questions and gather feedback.

To get the most out of social media, it’s important to remember that it’s a two-way street. Not only should you be sharing relevant content, but you should also be listening to what’s being discussed and participating in the action. Don’t be afraid to start the conversation by asking a few thought-provoking questions. Go through and read the comments, answer inquiries and respond to discussions. Being active and present will help you form a stronger bond with your audience, which can translate to more business for you.

Social media can be a powerful and highly effective tool for reaching your target audience, but it will only be effective if you’re making an effort to turn those fans and followers into loyal, long-term relationships. The steps above should help you to create more meaningful connections which will, over time, help boost your bottom line.