You’ll often hear marketing experts suggest your small business offer educational content to your prospects via eBook or White Paper. Don’t feel alone if you’ve wandered what the difference between the two is. Here is a quick run down of the typical differences between an eBook and White Paper.


  • Electronic Book
  • Typically Not Used For Lead Capture (Do Not Require Information to Acquire)
  • Short
  • Interactive
  • Visually Appealing (Graphics)
  • Casual
  • Designed for Skimming
  • Bulleted Points
  • Can Be Easily Distributed
  • Often Landscape Design

White Paper

  • Formal Research
  • Typically Used For Lead Capture (Require Information to Acquire)
  • More Intensive Read
  • Heavy Text
  • Persuasive
  • Fact-Based
  • Plain In Design
  • Logical
  • Problem/Solution Format
  • Often Portrait Design