Fall is for small business. Fall is for community.
Fall is for magic and spirit and joy.

When fall kicks in, there is magic in the air. Green leaves have soaked up enough color from the hot, summer sun to change hues, harvest moons are the sign for the last of the crops to come in before winter, and the air gets comfortably crisp.

There’s a communal sense about as everyone preps for the winter – to soak up the last bits of fresh air. Vacations are over and it’s time to be as productive as possible. The best part of fall traditions is that we all help each other out.

Transition seasons are our favorites at Hatchbuck… spring is the time for growth and fall is for productivity. Work hard and have fun is a strong fall theme and a Hatchbuck core value. By working together to get the ‘harvest’ taken care of, we can then sit back and reap the rewards of our hard work.

Apple picking, pumpkin patches, canning parties, Oktoberfest are all celebrations of the labor that began in the spring but also continuing to prepare for the winter.

There is beauty in the fall because it’s a celebration of the hard work that was put into the summer months but still wrapping up those rewards. Slowly, we’ll switch gears after this month to reward ourselves and others during the holidays and thank those that helped us prosper during the year.

Make a difference! The first steps to start a community:

Connect with other small business owners

There’s power in the local business community. Entrepreneurs are cut from the same cloth, so very often our vision and goals align. Whether it’s idea-generating conversation or an inroad to a flourishing business partnership, there are many ways small business owners can connect to impact growth.

Ask how you can help

We often get caught up in what we need and we forget to ask others what they need help with. Whether it’s outside of what you’re selling, you still might be able to help another with a problem they are trying to solve. Plus, you’re set yourself up to receive help in the future.

Trade your service

Bartering is a great tool in your small business arsenal. Maybe I’ve got something you need and you have something I need… cutting out the middle man (cash money) can help you build a healthy, strong relationship within the community.

Participate in a community festival

Joining together with your community is a great way to build communal trust. The local community will come out in droves to a large local festival and the more they see of you, the better relationship they build with you and your brand. Block parties, festivals, and carnivals can be the highlight after a long work week – bring in the positive vibes and small business mojo!

We’ll start seeing more and more holiday decorations and changes but only we can make the decision to ignore it just a few weeks longer to fully embrace the best season of the year! Don’t wait for someone else to start building a community… Take these small steps to start connecting with your fellow local business owners as you take in the last of the crisp fall air and sip on craft pumpkin ales.

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