You could read the same magazines and shop at only at one store but you are still uniquely you.  You get up every morning and choose your uniform for the day.  So why do clothes cause so much stress in life and in the workplace?  Expectations.  Expectations on what is business professional attire for women and men and what is casual.  Expectations on what to wear and what not to wear. And what exactly is business casual?  Why does this all matter?  

This blog post started out with words like:

  • acceptable for
  • best for both sexes
  • blazer in the winter
  • tying back long hair

Oh, and my favorite, “Leave your loud colors and cleavage-baring clothes at home.”  

As a small business owner, you set the tone in the office.  Eventually we all align ourselves with others who think, look, and act similarly.  One of my favorite sayings is, get in where you fit in.  And it’s so true!  If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation based on how you dress, either change how you dress to be more comfortable in your own “skin” or change your environment.  

Be Yourself is our number one core value for a reason.  If you are not yourself, you are not able to do the right thing, keep it simple, work hard, have fun, or make a difference.  If you want to be taken seriously as a business person, being your authentic self is your best branding tool.

What you wear to work every day also reflects your personal brand.  It’s still a simple way to stand out.  To start crafting your business image, think about the following:

  • What type of job do I have?
  • What is my most comfortable working state?
  • Ideally, how long does it take me to get ready in the morning?
  • How often do I travel?
  • What colors and silhouettes fit me best?

Answering these questions will help you start creating your own personal uniform and brand that fits your life as a business owner.  To take it to the next level and simplify your morning routine, wear the same thing every day.  Uniforms help eliminate any unnecessary stress and time so you can focus your morning thoughts on the day.  Think Steve Jobs and that black turtle neck with light washed jeans.

The small business world in general is pretty laid back.  So just be yourself and…

Wear the same thing every day!