Valentine’s Day typically works a couple ways for most – either you love to celebrate the holiday or consider it a day of corporate misery (Singles Awareness Day, anyone?) With all personal issues aside, there are many reasons your small business can enjoy the holiday.

As a small business, you know the value of a loyal customer. You worked hard to get their business, and probably work equally as hard to maintain their business (if you are nurturing your relationships like you should). Instead of boycotting Valentine’s Day all together for all of your personal issues with it, use it as a chance to reconnect and thank your customers for their continued support. Now I’m not saying go out and buy a $20.00 box of chocolates and send it to all thousands of your customers. There are some “sweet deals” that you can offer to your customers that remind them how much you truly appreciate their support and won’t break the bank.

Send A Friendly ECard

Sending an electronic greeting card is one of the most cost efficient ways to show your appreciation to customers. It’s super easy to make your own in an email marketing software or find pre-made ecards online (Hallmark allows you to send select Ecards for free, FYI.) Simple to make and low in cost, an Ecard is the perfect way to thank your customers this Valentines Day without spending a lot of money.

Support A Charity You Love

People love to give back to others, especially around the holidays. Donating proceeds or sponsoring a charity you love this Valentine’s Day may be the perfect way to allow your customers to take part in something they can feel good about it

Engage With A Social Media Contest

A Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest contest (or sweepstakes) great way to engage with your customers and award them was some awesome prizes in the meantime. I found a great beginners guide if you are new to creating social media contests. Not to spoil any fun, but make sure you comply with the rules and regulation each platform sets to avoid having your account canceled!

Give Something Away

I know discounting a product or service is a somewhat controversial between businesses – but there is a solution. Giving away something of value that doesn’t cost a fortune or discount your brand is a great way to thank customers. You most likely have a valuable EBook, PDF Document, Video, Webinar or Free Session at your fingertips that you could reward clients with free of charge. Not to sound obvious, but make certain it’s a piece of valuable and interesting information that someone would enjoy receiving from your business.