The leaders of Hatchbuck, Don and Jonathan, don’t have to work hard to promote the Hatchbuck values because we all embody them. We were hired because we are true Hatchbuckers. After reading an interview with Jonathan on our company culture, I wanted to know how the team felt, so I asked:

Tell me about one of the core values and why it’s important to you.

1. Be yourself: Promoting authenticity allows every Hatchbucker to be the best version of themselves. It creates an environment of mutual respect and acceptance, allowing every team member  to contribute without fear or hesitation. It also promotes an atmosphere of creativity and motivation to do the right thing without hesitation. We celebrate each other’s strengths and embrace our differences, that’s what makes us more than just a team- it makes us a family. I mean, if you can’t be yourself, who are you?

– Tricia

Be yourself: So cool that we have this as one of our core values. It really allows everyone to keep their individual identity. Customers definitely relate to this and really appreciate our authenticity. I love how Hatchbuck embodies that each one of their employees are special and unique in their own way. Great (and different minds) are powerful!

– Lindsay

The one that sticks out to me the most is “Be Yourself“. I love that I am given leeway and flexibility to come up with new ways to do my job better – new ways to delight my customers. There is never any blame if my new idea wasn’t successful and there is always praise if it is. I am also able to contribute outside my “role” in ways that use my talents and my passion – I am never pigeon-holed. That’s what I love about working here!

– Katie

I think my favorite core value is “Be Yourself.”  It’s awesome to come to work everyday knowing that you can be authentic, you don’t have to put up a front when you walk in the door.  Just makes life easy, which relates well to another core value, “Keep it Simple.”  I love this core value, too.  It permeates everything we do, whether it’s in the app, how we connect with our customers, or how our team is structured.  I love it because it’s easy to complicate something. Keeping it simple can be a fun challenge.

– Jessica

#2 – Do the right thing. So many people overlook this and it is so simple.  So many other companies might say ‘that’s not our job’ when asked for things by clients that are not in their job description, but if it’s something I can do and I know it’s going to help a client move forward and succeed then to me, that’s doing the right thing. Even if it adds to your workload a little, its always so worth it to help someone out.

– Nicci

Do the right thing.” It is so important to me to work for a company that believes in this.  My job is made easier when I am supported in making a decision based on what is right.  So simple.  When I sell Hatchbuck, I know that my clients will be supported 100% with this core value, and that makes me happy!

– Tegan

Man! If I have to pick one favorite core value, it would be #2, Do the Right Thing. I love that Hatchbuck isn’t about manuals and procedures, although these are both good at times. We aren’t about being rigid and sticking to a process. We are about treating our clients with respect and offering the absolute best service possible. We empower employees to do what it takes and go the extra mile just to put a smile on someone’s face. We apologize for honest mistakes and know that we can do what it takes to make that right and the rest of the team will back us up. We are focused on making our clients feel the way we would want to feel. I love working for a company where I’m not handcuffed to a manual and I can get creative and service our clients well. It just feels good to do that, and… it’s the right thing to do.

– Erin

Keep it simple” is important to me because I feel it’s what sets Hatchbuck apart in the first place. I’m a technically-inclined guy, but when I log into some of the other CRMs out there, I have no idea what I’m doing. Nothing is intuitive, and I hate needing to spend hours reading documentation to accomplish something that should be easy. The simplicity in Hatchbuck generally has depth, because the more obvious solutions have been re-worked and re-engineered to make them simple in the first place. Striving for simplicity in a piece of software is like rewording a sentence until you deliver maximum articulation from a few simple words.

– Sam

Bill Gates once famously said, “I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”  There are many interpretations to this quote, but for me, especially in regards to app-design and approaching new challenges, Gate’s message can be summed up by our third core value: Keep it simple!

The best solution to a problem is almost always the simplest solution– one that adds the most value yet requires the least effort from invested parties. In app-design, often features are created on the mindset of “will the user use this?” But a better question to ask is actually “should the user use this”. Innovation is born out of a desire to simplify processes established by previous methods of operation. Technology hasn’t changed human nature– we still need, want, and do the same things; but what has changed is how we do things. In my opinion, the best innovations are the ones that improve access and ease, so for anyone who thinks they’ve got the next “big” thing… to that I say to you, “Keep it simple.”

– Ben

I love our values because they are straightforward. “Work hard and have fun” is that constant reminder for balance. If you work too hard, you’ll get burnt out. If you have too much fun, you’ll feel unfulfilled. It makes it easier to come to work on an off day because I know we have each other’s backs and there’s always something to laugh about. Plus, there’s nothing better than a pick-up basketball game, ping-pong tournament, or pinata party with people your proud to be on a team with.

– Keely

Make A Difference – It’s extremely important to me that at the end of the day I am helping to better the world I live in. Everyone here at Hatchbuck has the mentality “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does” When a group of like minded individuals has a mission to help better the world, unbelievable things occur. Some of my favorite clients have been non-profits where Hatchbuck has been able to assist with their mission and helping them achieve their goals.

– Lindsey

Ever since I’ve been at Hatchbuck, I’ve never had a “bad” day. It really makes a difference for me to work in an environment filled with good people who are willing to help you out with any questions you have, or the will to assist in any tough issue thrown your way. Because everyone cares about the co-workers to their left and right here, I think our values naturally come into effect in the playing field and I think our clients see that.

– Eric

Thank you, Don and Jonathan. And Happy birthday, Don!! 🙂