We wouldn’t be Hatchbuck without our customers.  We show up, work hard, and do the right thing so we can make a difference in business owners’ lives every day.  Our customers constantly remind us that we are heading in the right direction and that they are with us. We just can’t resist sharing their feedback.  Here’s what are customers are saying about us:


4.47 / 5 stars

I love, love, love Hatchbuck! It’s very user friendly and they are open to suggestions for improvement from their customers. Their support team is also fabulous!”  – Jessica Dugas | Executive Strategy Group

I love being able to assign tasks to specific contacts or companies in particular. I’ve been using it for nearly a year, and I’m still finding ways to use it better!”  – Matthew Sewell | Happiness Engineer at Flocknote

“Customer support rocks. Anytime I don’t know how to do anything, our consultant is quick to answer emails and send me in the right direction.”  – Keisha Page | Green Vine Marketing



4.8 / 5 stars

Hatchbuck recognized in Marketing Automation based on user reviewsAwesome Marketing Automation Platform That Small Business Owners Can Afford

One thing we love about Hatchbuck is how easy it is to learn and use. We were up and running in just 1 week and our email marketing staff was able to quickly learn the platform so there was no lack in productivity due to training.”  – Mandy McEwen | Mod Girl Marketing

“1. It streamlines our communication in our sales process. I love the tracking and notification features so I know when someone opens an email and clicks a link. Tags are super helpful for a quick glance, too.
2. It keeps us organized.
3. It engages our team.”  – Joel Tomkinson | Airo Partners

“We previously had been using a separate CRM and email platform. With Hatchbuck we have everything in one place. We are saving time, money and frustration by using Hatchbuck’s platform.”  – Mary Wagener | CEV

“I like that Hatchbuck seems to really get small businesses and has developed their product accordingly. Everything they do from the software itself to the training uses plain language that anyone can follow. They break the concepts of automation and email marketing into simple steps. I’ve worked with many similar applications and none of them are as small business friendly as Hatchbuck.”  Jasmine Holmes | 910 West

Users love Hatchbuck on G2 Crowd“Hatchbuck allows us to categorize our business contacts, prospective clients, and existing clients. I can segment who I want to send correspondence to in a few simple clicks. It’s a great way to be personal to our audience. It’s a user friendly system that allows us to organize our contacts, future follow-ups, correspondence, and reporting. In one step I can quickly look up a client and get all the information I need! I also enjoy the resources that Hatchbuck offers. There are many blog posts that have been helpful to us to utilize the system.”  – Stacy Isermann | STL Rent A Box


Trust Radius:

8.2 / 10 stars


“Hatchbucked at first sight!”

trust-radius-marketing-automation-badgeHatchbuck has GREAT customer service. I have worked with the same rep from the date of subscription and have NEVER had to reach out to anyone else. If she does not have the answer for me, she will find out in a timely manner and not pass me along to someone else.”  – Samantha Kolavo | Computer Comforts

We don’t speak about our business pre-Hatchbuck. Too painful… We use Hatchbuck for everything from our top-funnel automated campaigns all the way through our tuition payment tracking. Our entire marketing, recruiting, and selection departments use this on a daily basis.”  – Derek Turner | Grand Circus

“I’ve been using Hatchbuck since the middle of last year and it has literally been a game changer for me. It has enabled me to automate a lot of my recruiting, which has saved me a great deal of time and has made for a much more efficient and effective operation. I’m now able to communicate relevant content to my stakeholders on a regular basis, eliminating certain prospects from falling through the cracks. I also know clearly how many prospects I have in my sales funnel and exactly what stage they are at in the process. Night and day from my previous CRM!”  – Don Purdy | University at Albany School of Business

Hatchbuck is the lifeblood for my business. An intricate tool to managing my client databases, client and prospect communications.  It has automated processes and integrated my web site, simplifying my workflows, so I can focus on what I do best – working with clients!”  – Kami Guildner | Syzygy Coaching


Software Advice:

4.5 / 5 Stars

We have found that Hatchbuck had BY FAR the best training, and the easiest interface. We have 1 dedicated employee running HB, and after 1 month, we have literally lit 20% of our ice cold leads on fire! Hatchbuck is like napalm for your sales leads. Gets them hot and keep it that way.”  – Tim Rose | Digital Signs Direct

“Shouting about a CRM from the rooftops? That’s Hatchbuck”

Hatchbuck makes everything easy – it’s straightforward but powerful. One of the ways that it makes that balance is that it functions well from Day 1, no matter how much or little implementation you’ve done. Other CRMs sometimes feel useless unless you’ve spent months setting them up. Not so Hatchbuck!”  – Derek Turner | Grand Circus

We’re excited to ring in the New Year with our loyal customers and we can’t wait to share what we have in store for 2016!  Cheers to the New Year and Happy Hatchbucking!