Despite all our best hopes for 2021, the pandemic isn’t over, and we’re not sure when it will end. Many businesses have made enormous adjustments over the past 18 months, working hard to equip their employees with the support and technology they need to work remotely, but plenty of companies are still struggling to find their flow in this new world. 

If your agency’s clients are struggling and you’re not sure how to help, we have some ideas for you. Whether it’s emotional, logistical, or technological, you can be the hero your clients need right now — and build loyalty and appreciation in the process.

6 Ways to Be of Better Service to Your Clients

1. Be There for Them, Even From Afar

Don’t underestimate the importance of reminding your clients that they’re on your mind and you’re here to help. Just like any relationship, a client relationship depends on consistent support, whether that comes in the form of regular one-on-one calls or emails, larger-audience webinars, or even a small gift or handwritten card for an extra personal touch.

A simple check-in can do a lot for your clients, and sometimes they just need someone to talk to. Make sure they understand that you’re always just a call or email away. 

2. Be Proactive and Transparent

This golden rule applies in all kinds of circumstances. If you’ve done something wrong, owning up to it quickly and genuinely is a faster route to forgiveness than denial, and if you’ve achieved success, it’s always best to acknowledge those who helped you on your way.

In a scenario like our current pandemic environment, issues are cropping up all the time — getting out in front of them and proactively acknowledging and trying to solve them is a great way to remind clients that they matter more than your pride. You’ll show them that there’s another person in their corner, working hard to help them succeed. 

3. Make Their Jobs Easier with Technology

One of the most immediate ways you can support a struggling client is to offer them a tool like marketing automation. Not only can doing so save them time, but it can also help them generate new leads, effectively nurture those leads, and, through that nurture, increase sales and ROI.

If your agency has the capability to offer clients this kind of tool, you’ll be enabling them to increase their customer engagement and improve their bottom line without having to invest time they don’t have to spare.

4. Customize Outreach to Add Value

If you’re able to offer your clients a marketing automation tool, then it’s safe to say you’re using one as well. What’s great is that this tool offers value to your clients in more ways than one.

Whether it’s an email newsletter or a personal call, make sure that any communications you initiate with your clients are personalized to their specific needs. In the case of email newsletters or other marketing campaigns, your automation tool can help you segment your contact list so you can send the right content to the right lists. The customization process is a snap. 

5. Activate Your Listening Skills

This goes for feedback — which you should put into action clearly and immediately — and also for client needs. The more you listen to your clients, the better you’ll understand them, and the more equipped you’ll be to help them pursue their objectives.

It can be easy to get wrapped up in all the things we need to get done and therefore rush through calls or neglect our inboxes. But by slowing down and being present for each outreach, meeting, or call, you’re showing your agency clients that you’re available to them. You’ll also pick up on key details that can lead to better solutions for their issues or needs. 

6. Center the Client’s Needs and Their Successes 

A client relationship is a partnership, but it’s worth remembering that the client is the hero of this story. You’re here to guide and support them, but the focus should always be on their goals and achievements, both to make them feel special and to reinforce their trust that you have their back.

Think about sending a special promo or gift for your clients’ birthdays or anniversaries. Celebrate their milestones (unprompted) which will help them take time to celebrate their successes instead of dwelling on anything negative that may be going on. 

These are tough times for many businesses, and they’re showing little sign of getting easier. But, like anything in life, business challenges are easier to overcome when you feel supported by the people around you.

With these tips, you can be that support for your clients, helping them get through this difficult period with grace — and maybe even a boost to their bottom line.