“I Fear the Day That Technology Will Surpass Our Human Interaction…” – Albert Einstein

Is it safe to say that Albert Einstein’s biggest fear is finally coming true? Majority of businesses are now powered by messaging systems, automated interactions, and complicating software. In a world ruled by technology, it seems almost unheard of to meet over coffee, or receive a handwritten thank you card after meeting. You can almost do anything today without ever having to see or speak to another person.

Here are some ways you can remain human in your small business:

1)     Use technology to trigger human interactions

Majority of us are too busy to remember to eat breakfast and brush our teeth these days. The beauty of technology is that it can keep track of our to-do’s and remind us of our open tasks. Use technology to help spark actual human interaction. A system like Hatchbuck will send email reminders to trigger phone calls, emails, and meetings so you can maintain good follow-up practices.

2)     Write hand-written thank you cards to express gratitude

When is the last time you received a handwritten thank you card from someone other than a friend or family? It’s probably been a while, but chances are it made a huge impact on what you thought about the person or business on the other side. Handwritten cards add a human-like element that an email or text message cannot match, and people remember them!

3)     Create lasting relationships with customers

Customers are a key component to a business’s success, so treat them as you would your dearest friends and family. Create a community amongst your loyal customers by promoting interaction and creating rich referral opportunities.