With such a huge proportion of our emails being read on mobile devices, you need to make sure that your emails are easy to read for mobile.

Here are some things to keep in mind when designing your next e-mail:

1. Keep your e-mail width no more than 600 pixels

iPhone devices will scale to fit your email to the width of the screen, but other operating systems do not do this so keep your width under 600 pixels to ensure that your email is readable.

Also remember that in most email clients, the recipient will need to hit “show images” to see your pictures. Keep photos to a minimum so that your e-mail doesn’t show up as a bunch of empty boxes.

2. Keep your font large

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to read tiny font on your phone. Keep your font at least at a 13 font size.

3. Keep links and calls to action a good distance apart

It is hard enough to click a tiny link on your phone. How many times have you been frustrated that you hit the wrong one with your clumsy thumb? Putting links too close together makes touching the correct one harder.

4. Keep your template at one column

This makes the email clean and ensures that none of your content disappears into the far right mystery section– does anyone scroll over on their phone email?

5. Keep your content short and simple

This is good advice for any email. No one likes to read lengthy emails, but this is especially true for mobile. Mostly likely, when opened on a phone, your email will be scanned, not read through. So keep it short and keep the most important information on the top, above the fold.