Can you remember the marketing and advertising world before social media?

What was once a private club for teenagers has exploded into a worldwide phenomenon where Instagram and Facebook have bizarrely transformed into verbs, and humans are tweeting rather than talking and pinning rather than creating collages from old magazine scraps.

An ongoing survey by Social Media Examiner found that almost 90 percent of marketers believe that social media has increased exposure to their businesses. Around 78 percent also report increased website traffic. These figures have remained more or less unchanged since 2014. Having a strong showing in social media can help your agency achieve other results, including:

  • Attracting new clients who might not have found you otherwise
  • Cultivating a brand image at little or no additional cost
  • Increasing follower interactions, giving your agency more insight into consumer needs
  • Fine-tuning your agency’s online reputation

Obviously, mastering social media is essential if you’re a social media marketing firm — and it’s also an important factor if you want to compete with big players. If you want to be the best social media marketing agency, or if you just want some tips for your strategy, here are a few examples of agencies that are killing it.

1. Disruptive Advertising

In addition to helping its clients win at social media marketing, Disruptive Advertising itself is a true master of the social game. With frequent posts on social media that highlight not only its own blog but also useful information and occasional bits of fun, Disruptive has thousands of followers on social media and currently holds a 4.9 out of 5.0 review score on Facebook. If you’re looking to emulate a company’s social media success, their platforms are a great place to start.

Where to follow them:

2. Elevated

If you take a look at the social media presence of Elevated, it’s clear that the team likes to have fun. Touting “100% transparency + 0% BS,” the company’s experts get results without the double-speak and buzzword-laden approach of some other digital marketing companies. Looking at its social feeds, you can see the company also goes out of its way to let potential clients get to know its employees and get a feel for the company culture as a whole before initiating the first contact. This ensures a deeper connection with clients, which should result in long-term business relationships and continued success for the growing company.

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3. The Creative Momentum

With a social media presence on six different platforms, The Creative Momentum is a perfect example of how to maintain a broad social media presence and use it to drive results. The company is able to showcase its blog posts through platforms like Facebook and Twitter while also providing engaging visual content through YouTube and Pinterest. They even highlight these platforms in the middle of their website, which helps direct visitors to engage with them on social media. With over 8,000 followers on Facebook alone, it’s clear that this approach is working for the company.

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4. Sachs Marketing Group

Another agency that puts its social media presence front and center is Sachs Marketing Group. Sachs has won numerous awards and is a leader in SEO and digital marketing. The company is active on multiple social media platforms and has convenient links to them at the very top of its webpage. On social media, it balances both its serious side and its fun side, helping visitors see just how knowledgeable its experts are while also making its content engaging. This can be a difficult balance to strike, but Sachs does it perfectly.

Where to follow them:

5. Ignite Visibility

At first glance, the social media presence of Ignite Visibility seems very straightforward and professional. You’ll see a lot of blog links and backlinks to informative content that’s useful to clients and digital marketing pros alike. Once you start reading through the posts, though, you’ll get a number of glances at the people behind the team. Glimpses of training meetings, planning events, and even random bits of silliness like trying out bean bag chairs pepper the firm’s social media presence and give visitors a feel for the people behind the genius that’s on display.

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Mastering Social Media

Of course, these firms just provide examples of how to use social media to your advantage. Some of them specialize in social media marketing for clients, so it makes sense that they’re able to practice what they preach and run a tight social media ship.

If you want your agency to fully take advantage of social media and become one of the greats, you don’t have to emulate any of these companies specifically; instead, look at how their social media presence reflects the values and personality of their agencies. See what they’re doing right and what gets the most engagement. Take those lessons and apply them to your own company’s social media activity, making the experience and voice wholly your own.

Who knows…your agency might end up on our next list!