A guest post by Joanne Torres, marketer at Typeform.

Marketing teams come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a one-person army or an enterprise-level team, there’s one thing we all have in common: the need to be productive all week.

Everyday there’s a new app, tool, or product that promises to ‘boost your productivity’. What’s the drawback? They don’t always deliver on this promise, and nobody cares enough to keep up with all of the tools.

Here’s a list of the tools that have added the most value to our marketing team at Typeform and the ones you should keep up with.

Trello: Organize Your Week

In some companies, teams work on dozens of projects at a time. Whether it’s engineering, marketing, or people operations; there’s always lots to be done. Organizing the day-to-day might go beyond planning a meeting and setting a date on the calendar.

marketing productivity


What can you do when managing all those projects begins to feel overwhelming? Turn to Trello. It’ll allow you to collaborate more on projects and get more work done in a simple way.

Hootsuite: Automate Outreach on Twitter

Scheduling tweets is time consuming. That’s why my favorite feature on Hootsuite is bulk uploads. Just download a template and personalize your messages on a spreadsheet. That way you can send tweets to a large group of people in only one upload.

Gmail Meter: Make Your Inbox Data-Driven

I’m an analytics enthusiast. You can call me data driven or data informed if you will. I track everything I do. From workouts to workload. Even my email. So you’ll understand my excitement when I found an extension that tracks and analyzes my activity in Gmail. That’s GmailMeter.

marketing productivity


It allows you to create weekly reports with detailed statistics based on your Gmail use. This includes automated reports of email usage, response times, and overall email traffic.

StayFocsd: Stay Focused, Literally

Spiraling into the Internet rabbit hole of distraction is something we all know to happen. At one moment you’re googling examples of successful marketing campaigns, then a few clicks later you’re reading about advertising in the 60s. We’ve all been there. And it’s okay. The key is eliminating the amount of time spent on websites that don’t provide enough value to your work. Not saying that advertising in the 60s doesn’t have value, but it’s important to StayFocsd.

This stern extension helps you limit your procrastination time by restricting it. The most attractive feature of this tool is how customizable it is, you can even add websites that trigger procrastination to a blacklist.

Asana: Track All of Your Tasks in One Place

Having a holistic overview of my personal or professional to-do tasks is one of the most important steps in my personal productivity routine. Why? Because being able to keep all of my tasks in one place helps with time management. Where do I keep them? In Asana. It works great for teams and individuals alike. It also has great integrations that will help you or your team improve your workflow.

What now?

Now comes the time to put these tools to work. Introducing new tools to your daily routine might sound daunting, but with this list you’ll be able to focus on your team’s  productivity first.

About the Author

Joanne Torres is an online and outreach marketer at Typeform. Typeform creates beautiful forms from Net Promoter Score to Lead Generation. Compared to the industry average, Typeform has 4x higher completion rates due to their human-first design approach—keeping people’s attention from start to submit. Find Joanne on Twitter @possiblyjoanne or on LinkedIn.