We can finally tell you all about two of our latest features: Dynamic Content and Teams! 

At BenchmarkONE, we’re continuously striving to make our product an easy-to-use necessity for marketers, sales professionals, and small business owners. We know that in doing so, it’s imperative we fully understand what it takes to make their lives easier, and what is necessary to help them deliver on their marketing and sales goals. That’s why developing these exciting new features was a no-brainer. 

Let’s dive into why these features are so important. 

Dynamic Content Offers More Personalization

One simple fact about marketing is that audiences respond differently to certain kinds of content. People are not robots, and what may yield a positive response with some people, may not do the same for others. 

But we’re busy people. And we don’t have time to manually tweak our messaging so that it caters to the right people. Which is why Dynamic Content is magic. 

Dynamic Content allows users to send multiple audiences targeted content from a single email. The ability to choose which contacts see certain email content makes unique offers or hyper-targeted messaging seamless and easy to implement. 

Teams Enables Better Contact Management 

If you’re part of a company that manages multiple regions, territories, buildings, districts, and areas, you probably have a strong appreciation for any tool that offers a better way to organize. Well, with Teams, you’re in luck. 

Teams provides users a way to easily organize contacts into groups that only specific users can access. This eliminates any confusion over whose contacts are whose, and can assist in reducing any user errors that come with full list access. 

We’re so excited to release these features to our users, and we’re even more excited at the chance to offer them more value and options that will make their lives easier. 

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