As you remember from our very first School of Revenue lesson – 9 out of 10 people research online before buying.  What this means for your small business is that 90% of people are out researching on their own before they ever speak to you (if they ever do). Catching a lead early in their buying process is crucial for converting them to a customer over time. Chances are if you do not have an optimized lead capture form on your website (or Facebook), you are missing valuable leads that are out  researching their problem that your product/service solves.

 Creating a lead capture form is easy, but optimizing it to its full potential is the hard part if you do not know what good form consists of.


The Top 3 Things Your Lead Capture Form Must Do:


Offer Something Of Value

   People generally do not just give out their contact information without receiving something in return. When people stumble onto your website or Facebook page – what are they searching for an answer to? What problem does a lead have that your product/service solves for them? As you see in the example below, Ingrid Prueher of The Baby Sleep Whisperer, has identified a problem within her target market and offers a unique solution! Ask yourself what problem your product or service solves. Once you identify this – create a compelling PDF, White Paper, EBook, or List that you are willing to share with your leads in exchange for their contact information.


Ask For Only Necessary Information

 The more information you ask for the merrier, right? Not necessarily. If people want access to your complimentary content and are willing to give you their information in return, don’t make it complicating or time-consuming for them. Asking for a ton of required information, or not allowing their process to near instantaneous is an easy way to deter them from your form. You will have plenty of time to learn more about your leads over time. Catherine Avery of Avery Design Interiors does a great job at making it easy for website visitors to receive her special report.

Promote What Others Are Saying About You

A glowing testimonial from a current client can set you miles apart from your competitor. People care a lot about what others are saying, and are easily influenced by their opinions on products and services. Testimonials (especially videos) from enthusiastic customers can serve as great supporting material for what you are saying about yourself. Dining Circle, an online restaurant reservation software, does a great job at presenting an eye-catching and professional testimonial next to their lead capture form.

If your lead capture form is not optimized, it is likely you are missing valuable leads. Create a compelling lead capture form, and convert more leads to customers!