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ST. LOUIS, April 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Hatchbuck, an innovative and easy-to-use sales and marketing software for small businesses, today announces the launch of a new version, Hatchbuck 4.0. This latest release will empower small business owners to take control of their sales and marketing process, easily manage contacts, provide seamless follow-up with prospects and customers, and seize every opportunity in their sales and marketing pipeline.

Hatchbuck Co-Founder and CEO, Don Breckenridge, says that the new version will help small business owners move from cumbersome spreadsheets and batch & blast email marketing systems to an all-in-one sales and marketing tool.

“The new version of Hatchbuck was built to champion our core user – the small business owner,” says Breckenridge. “Hatchbuck 4.0 is making it simpler for small businesses to be more personal in the inbox, convert more opportunities into customers, and streamline their sales and marketing process. It’s energizing to know that we’re helping them to take their sales and marketing to the next level.”

Hatchbuck 4.0 includes critical features and enhancements to improve usability, provide actionable insights, and increase productivity, including:

Quick Insights

A robust dashboard offers a real-time snapshot of the overall sales and marketing process. Hatchbuck customers now have an instant pulse on their sales and marketing activity and insight into specific areas where they drive sales.

Comprehensive Views

Custom list views and powerful search tools make it fast and easy to find, segment and filter down to a complete and accurate list of contacts.

Simple Email Tools

Busy small business owners, experienced marketers, and every skill-level in between now have the tools to build eye-catching, professional looking emails – without the need for coding. The email drag & drop builder has been rebuilt to make the process of designing emails seamless.

User Level Security

Larger teams, especially those with more than one sales person, will appreciate the ability to keep data private and secure with added user level security.

Email Integration

With new IMAP integration, customers can easily track conversations happening in their personal email client without leaving Hatchbuck.

Smart Campaign Timing

More control and flexibility over campaign timing is helping Hatchbuck customers to improve engagement and increase response rates with their prospects and customers.

The new software release coincides with the unveiling of a bold new logo and brand identity.

“We’ve been passionate about helping small businesses from the beginning, and through our product research, we’ve uncovered a powerful profile of the business owners we connect with, and wanted to unearth a brand that reflected that,” says Jonathan Herrick, Co-Founder and CSO/CMO of Hatchbuck.

The new logo depicts the Hatchbuck wordmark paired with a diver helmet icon. The logo symbolizes the path of the self-made small business owner, willing to go to depths that others won’t to embrace opportunity.

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About Hatchbuck

Hatchbuck is easy-to-use small business sales and marketing software that propels relationships into customers. With Hatchbuck, small business owners no longer need to duct-tape together clunky tools, like email and spreadsheets. The all-in-one suite includes a simple CRM, user-friendly email marketing tools and the power of marketing automation to nurture prospect and customer relationships and grow sales.