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ST. LOUIS, April 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Hatchbuck, an innovative and easy-to-use sales and marketing software for small businesses, today reveals a bold new brand identity and messaging that puts the hero of the brand, the self-made small business owner, front and center. Hatchbuck’s new visual identity coincides with the latest release and reimagination of their product, Hatchbuck v4.0.

The rebrand is the first major redesign for Hatchbuck since its conception in 2012. With the redesign, Hatchbuck steers away from the app-centric lowercase wordmark – a prolific style choice in their software category. The new logo, an uppercase wordmark paired with the diver helmet emblem, captures the adventurous and self-sufficient spirit of the small business owner.

Hatchbuck’s Co-Founder and CSO/CMO, Jonathan Herrick, shared that the new brand identity will help the company tell a more compelling story.

“The hero of our story isn’t sales and marketing software. It’s the small business owner,” said Herrick. “They are the creators – creating jobs, innovation and a legacy to leave behind. The iconic diver helmet logo is a direct nod to them, their willingness to take risks and propel their business forward.”

To complement the new logo, Hatchbuck is trading in their mild teal and coral color palette for a bold red-orange and slate blue palette augmented by bright blues, magenta and yellow-green accent colors. Incorporated throughout branded materials are a mix of nautical icons that give a playful nod to Hatchbuck’s ability to help small business owners travel great depths to seize every opportunity.

The rebrand has given Hatchbuck the opportunity to revisit their tagline and messaging, again shifting the focus from the product as the champion to the small business owner as the hero of Hatchbuck’s story:

Self-made business owners go to depths that others won’t to capitalize on opportunity. We get it. Hatchbuck makes small business sales and marketing software for you – the adventurer, the risk taker. When it comes to your business, it’s sink or swim. You can’t be anchored down by bulky software. So we promise that no solution is as easy to use or as effective at propelling relationships into sales as Hatchbuck.

Hatchbuck. Seize the Opportunity.

The new tagline, “Seize the Opportunity,” reflects the willingness of the self-made owner to take every advantage they have and turn it into success for their business. The attitudes and needs of the self-made owner have made their mark on Hatchbuck’s newest version as well. A complete redesign of the app includes critical features and enhancements to improve usability, provide actionable insights, and increase productivity.

“The new release fits nicely with the rebrand because both are about championing the small business owner and helping them to take sales and marketing to the next level,” said Hatchbuck Co-Founder and CEO, Don Breckenridge. “We put our user at the center of everything we do, so it’s awesome to see that effort unfold in the new brand and app.”