As a small business marketing consultant, my job on a daily basis is to help my clients use marketing strategies to GROW their businesses. That’s what we all want after all, right? Now – I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have goals to grow your business into a larger business. However, while we’re here – why not celebrate? There are so many overlooked advantages to being a small business!

Here are some Reasons To Celebrate Being a Small Business

  1. You can be closer to your customers
  2. You can make changes easily
  3. You can be flexible
  4. You can make mistakes and learn from them
  5. You can make quicker decisions
  6. You can address issues quickly
  7. You can enjoy a unique company culture
  8. You can provide superior customer service
  9. You can be a “Jack (or Jill)of All Trades”
  10. You can create impact through your passions

Also check out this infographic with some great Small Business Stats! (Source: Paychex)

Small Business Big Impact