A constant infusion of qualified leads is the lifeblood of your business. Without the steady stream of leads, you cannot work with prospects, determine their needs and convert them into sales. However, sourcing leads can often be a problem, especially in a small business where every moment is filled with tasks including putting out fires.

It is important to have a proper system in place that will continue to scout out leads for your business whether you get distracted by other matters or not. Just the knowledge that your company continues to source sales leads can lower tension. So, how do you solve this problem by putting into place a system that will build your prospect list?

One answer to this issue is adopting a program that manages your lead sourcing and follow-up without hands-on attention on a constant basis. Does that mean you can ignore the process? Of course not. You will still need to pay attention to the way the system is used. But it does mean that you can free up some of your attention to details and get back to managing your company, coordinating efforts and looking forward to the future.

Hatchbuck has multiple methods of improving your lead sourcing and managing the leads once you collect them. Using Hatchbuck, you will find that your ROI increases, meaning your team can work smarter, instead of harder. Better results increase confidence and establish pride in skills and abilities for your whole team.

The best way to understand Hatchbuck is by getting a live demonstration. However, here is a list of the ways Hatchbuck will help you succeed.

CRM and Marketing Automation

With this tool, you can track and manage your sales and marketing activities in one central location. Hatchbuck will let you know when you need to perform important tasks, and alerts you to hot prospects. Build relationships with prospects and customers in a personalized manner until they are ready to buy your products or services with Hatchbuck’s email nurturing engine.

All the Tools in One Place

You can build customized online forms with Hatchbuck for converting visitors to your site as well as import your existing contact list to the program, eliminating a lot of your administrative time. After all, time is your most valuable resource.

Easily Segment Leads

You can add more personalization to your contact list through tagging and segmenting to ensure that your customers only get the valuable information that they are interested in and avoid boring them with too many emails.

Track Leads Precisely

Getting the right message out at the right time is a big part of the battle. Hatchbuck tracks your visitors’ behavior on your website which will trigger relevant emails to be sent as a result of their behavior.

Timely Follow Up

Hatchbuck will take the work out of following up with your leads, nurturing them properly with relevant messages through the entire buying process.

Convert Prospects into Customers

You will have help converting prospects into customers as Hatchbuck scores them for prioritizing.

Hatchbuck is the ideal solution to improving your marketing success, increasing your ROI and building your customer base. If you want to grow your business more efficiently, Hatchbuck will help you get the job done.