Held on the first day of September, Labor Day is a national holiday honoring our work force. While an extra day off is always welcome, it is important to celebrate and reward your employees on a regular basis. Reason being? Happy employees make for productive employees – while unhappy employees drain resources and produce a lower quality of work. According to the Healthways-Gallup Health Index, it is estimated that disengaged employees make for more than $300 billion in lost productivity annually. Employee recognition delivers a double-bonus: It boosts employee morale and also recognizes and rewards ideal performance.

Here are some easy ways to celebrate your employees:

  1. Give a Starbucks Giftcard
  2. Include The Employee In Your Business Newsletter
  3. Honor The Employee At A Company Meeting
  4. Give Your Employee A Flexible Work Schedule For A Week/Month
  5. Throw A Pizza Party (…Think Elementary School!)
  6. Give A Complimentary Day Off
  7. Flowers
  8. Create An Employee Of The Week/Month Program
  9. Assign Reserved Parking Spots
  10. Take Your Rockstar Employees Out To Lunch
  11. Invite A Masseuse To The Office For Free Massages
  12. Handwritten Thank You Notes
  13. Host Company Cook Outs
  14. Free Tickets To A Movie/Sporting Event/Concert
  15. Stock The Kitchen With Free Breakfast
  16. Recognize Hard Workers At Business Meetings
  17. Extra Long Lunch Breaks
  18. Celebrate Employee Birthdays
  19. Allow Employees To Work From Home When Needed