Over the past couple of months, I (as well as other marketers) have encouraged you to ramp up your marketing to drive holiday sales. Hopefully the advice has brought you a worthwhile experience during the hectic season. That aside, now is a great time to just step back from all of the sales and marketing strategy, and simply express gratitude and spread holiday cheer (no sales pitches allowed!)

Here is how our Hatchbuckers are using email marketing to spread holiday cheer:



STL Rent a Box – www.stlrentabox.com




The Delve Group – www.delvegroup.com




Syzygy Coaching – http://syzygy-co.com/


Remember to express gratitude to all of those who have helped your business along the way. It’s simple in Hatchbuck to create a short holiday email (not to mention cost efficient and extremely thoughtful).


Happy Holidays!