There’s nothing more frustrating than a lead you thought was a sure thing suddenly going cold. Unfortunately, it’s something that happens to even the most effective salespeople. But just because a hot lead cools off doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause. In fact, with the right strategy, it’s entirely possible to flip the switch and breathe new life into those prospects. If you’re looking for a way to reignite your existing leads but aren’t sure quite how, here are a few simple tricks to try.

Gently remind them of their prior interest.

The first strategy is pretty straightforward: simply reach out, reconnect and attempt to re-engage with the lead. But instead of just saying hello and touching base, use this as an opportunity to provide context to your interaction. It’s not just about staying top-of-mind. It’s about keeping them reminded about why they wanted to connect with you in the first place.

If your product or service could provide a solution to a specific problem your lead has, continue to position it as such in your ongoing communications. Gently reminding them that you can make their lives easier can be very effective in finally getting them to take action.

Personalize your interactions and offers.

One of the most powerful tools a salesperson has is personalization. When a lead feels as though you are addressing them personally and treating them like a human rather than just another number, it’ll help set the stage for relationship building. Studies have shown that the more personal the customer experience, the more likely that individual will be to make a purchase.

Salespeople should make an effort to personalize the experience in every way possible. Beyond addressing each lead with warmth and genuine engagement, the sales team should also strive to provide personalized offers that are tailored to each lead they’re nurturing. By focusing on fulfilling the specific needs or desires of your leads and less on making the big sale, everything will fall into place.

Use more than one channel.

The more ways you can connect with a cold lead, the more likely they’ll be to choose you when they’re ready to buy. There are plenty of different channels you can use to stay in contact with cold leads, from emails and phone calls to social media, retargeting ads and more.

Just be careful not to overdo it on this step. If your leads feel as though they are being bombarded with messages from you, it’s probably going to just turn them off completely. Be respectful in your communications. Keep emails short and concise and don’t send them too frequently. Use social media to be helpful and provide a resource. Over time, your patience and persistence will likely pay off.

Always include a CTA.

Every interaction you have with your leads should conclude with some type of call to action – whether it be scheduling a follow-up, getting them to opt-in to your mailing list or, of course, finally making that purchase. This is especially important with cold leads. If they’re already on the fence, the easier you make it to come over to your side, the better.

In the meantime, provide them with all the information they need to make a decision. This will not only remind them that you exist, but it will also help re-engage them in the sales process, which is the ultimate goal.

Just because a lead goes cold doesn’t mean it’s a complete waste of time. While it’s certainly true that you should focus most of your efforts on hot leads that are more likely to convert, there’s still plenty of opportunity with the leads that have cooled for whatever reason. Make an effort to reconnect with cold leads at least once every six months or so. And remember to use the tools available to you, like a CRM, to make this process quick, easy and efficient. The conversions you’ll get as a result will be well worth it.