We know that email is a primary channel for revenue.  So how can you maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing to produce more customers so your business can grow?

Speak to the needs of your prospects:

Segmenting prospects by their interests helps to deliver personalized messaging that potential customers can relate to.  To engage prospects, uncover their unique challenges and provide them with a solution.

Example:  You are a real estate agent and your customers’ pain-points include determining how much they can afford.  You provide a mortgage calculator on your website, and drive your prospects there through email.

By helping your prospects answer a question or overcome a challenge, you add value and increase awareness of your brand.   

Evaluate your prospects’ place in the sales funnel:

A prospect who is just browsing has a different set of priorities than a prospect who is ready to buy. Serve up helpful, value-added content at the awareness level, and save the feature and benefit comparisons for hot leads in the buying stage.

Example:  A prospect in the awareness stage is just beginning to research buying a new home.  They aren’t sure what they can afford.  A mortgage calculator is valuable at this stage.  Down the line, they determine their price range and are ready to shop.  At this stage, sending home listings in their price range keeps them engaged.  Finally, they find the right home and are ready to buy.  Resources that help them secure financing are going to be of the greatest value at this stage.

Focus on a single call-to-action:

Each individual email should have a clear call-to-action, such as visiting your blog, downloading a resource, or contacting a sales representative.  When your email focuses on one single outcome, conversion rates increase.


When faced with too many options, your prospects often end up choosing to do nothing.

Dear Jessica,
Searching for a new home?  Determine how much you can afford with our mortgage calculator:
Or check out our list of lenders:
Or visit our website to see our latest listings:


A single, clear call to action will increase email conversion because there’s only one choice to make – to click through or not.

Dear Jessica,
If you are thinking about buying a new home, you may be wondering, “How much can I really afford?”  We hear that question a lot, so we’ve provided a handy mortgage calculator to help you determine yoiur price range.  Check it out:http://www.mynewhome.com/mortgagecalculator


Today’s consumer is desensitized to generalized batch & blast email. A more effective approach to email marketing is to create a pitch with a single call to action that speaks to a potential customer’s interests and their place in the sales funnel. A personalized, targeted approach will increase email engagement and convert more prospects into customers.