Salespeople have a restless energy for pitching products and closing deals. The more time they spend making calls and building relationships, the better. But this kind of environment only exists in a perfect world where salespeople focus solely on selling and administrative tasks handle themselves. You can’t completely eliminate time-sucking chores, but you can certainly limit their impact with the right tools.

If you’d like to upgrade your current processes, consider offering a few of these time management tools to your sales team.


What do you do if you’ve got a wicked sales team but not enough leads that are worth their while? Do you let your sales team watch the minutes tick by until marketing produces leads worth pursuing? Do you direct them to do a little marketing work themselves and spend time prospecting?

Both options are a waste of time. The first one is a bad idea for obvious reasons. The second choice is a no-no because you are not paying your sales team to generate leads. You’re paying them to convert leads.

Leadcrunch helps B2B businesses generate quality leads using artificial intelligence. At the moment, Leadcrunch only helps businesses who wish to target U.S.-based businesses. You simply upload your best customers and Leadcrunch uses that info to find more like them.


If you offer a wide range of products and numerous customizations, even your best rep will find it challenging to keep up. That said, if sales reps can quickly determine how to meet a customer’s needs, they can close a deal much more easily.

SMARTASSISTANT helps make decision-making easier for consumers and for the sales reps selling to consumers. Their digital advice and guided selling platform understands a prospect’s needs, identifies specific benefits of a given product or service, promotes value over price, and more. This saves sales reps an enormous amount of time and lets them focus on building a rapport based on actionable info.


A big waste of time for sales reps is pitching the wrong product to the wrong customer. Taking advantage of upsell and cross-sell opportunities requires understanding a customer’s needs at a given point in time. Discern offers sales teams “an easy-to-use, step-by-step, behavior-driven questionnaire format” that makes the selling process smoother for reps.

Using this tool helps produce accurate pricing, eliminate bottlenecks, and cut down the lengths of the quote-to-cash timeline. All of these activities help sales teams save time.

Once you’ve put together a fantastic sales team, make sure you provide a quality environment within which reps can work their magic. Providing tools that streamline the sales process, make quote generation easy, and produce strong leads helps your sales team do what they do best: boost your bottom line with new and recurring business.