Do you know what no one likes? Feeling like they are out of options. 

Whether you’re looking for a great pair of jeans, where to get a delicious meal, or how you manage your content, having options, and the ability to choose for yourself is invaluable. And when options are no longer on the table, it can feel quite discouraging. Ultimately any decision at that point is being forced on you, and that not only erodes your confidence, but it leaves a pretty bad taste in your mouth. 

That’s why using a marketing automation software that works with other content management systems is the best option for small businesses. Sure there are advantages to publishing your content on a dual content management and marketing automation platform. 

But does not having two browsers open really outweigh the crazy additional costs? 

Wouldn’t you rather utilize a marketing automation tool that works seamlessly with whatever content management software you’re already using and satisfied with? 

BenchmarkONE is that tool. Let’s break down why having a marketing automation tool that gives you the freedom to use whatever content management system you want is more beneficial for your business. 

1. Scalability 

Use a platform that plays nice with your other platforms in the sandbox. We understand that there are different marketing-related platforms out there, be it for social media, content management, customer management, etc. etc. etc. Building your marketing stack requires a lot of strategy and determination around your needs, and to lock your business into one single platform that may not even grow with you down the line seems like a huge gamble.

We designed BenchmarkONE specifically so it could work in conjunction with other software out there, including free content management tools like WordPress. This allows our users to stick with the platforms they’re used to working with, without missing out on all the great, cost-effective features our software offers them. 

Which leads me to my second point.

2. Low Costs

Raise your hand if you signed up for your marketing automation platform with the expectation that you’d be locked into other expensive add-ons. 

I didn’t think so. Running a well-functioning marketing strategy comes with enough costs. The last thing you need is one of your enabling tools to add fuel to that fire by requiring you to use their additional functionalities at higher price points. 

What we offer is simple: tailored marketing automation and CRM software that won’t give you a ton of features you don’t need at costs you can’t afford. And we promise we’ll never make you use something just because we offer it. 

3. Complete Control

We’re all grown adults. We know what’s best for our companies, ourselves, and our marketing plans. We should be able to decide which features we want included in our marketing automation package, and we shouldn’t have to pay extra for features we don’t need. Having complete control over what you need and what you receive is what makes all the difference in achieving your business goals

When that choice is taken away from us, things can get messy, and benchmarks can be missed. Next thing you know, you’ve lost control of your entire strategy, and you have nothing to show for your efforts.  

The bottom line is that you need convenience and a say in what is best for your company and the way you create content. Avoid a bait and switch situation by looking at marketing automation options that give you the freedom to decide how you go about creating your content. Doing so will keep you in the driver’s seat of your strategy and ensure your goals stay aligned.