It’s a simple fact of doing business: if your customers aren’t succeeding with your product or service, then you aren’t succeeding either. And that’s what makes customer success workshops a must-do, mainly for SaaS companies. 

Instead of giving your customer service a reboot, invest in customer success workshops. They offer tons of benefits, including identifying what your customer needs and pain points are when it comes to your product. And, they can clue you in on what you need to do to ensure your customers get as much utility as possible out of what you’re selling.

What is a Customer Success Workshop?

A customer success workshop is an in-person or live broadcast event with existing customers where you provide care, service, and consultations regarding the particular product or service offering that they’re utilizing.

Whether over an hour or the span of a couple of days, these workshops allow you and your customers to really dig into the essentials that they need to know to get the most out of their purchase. In addition to elevating the customer experience, they provide you with insight into how your customers are using your product or service, and what features might need to be tweaked.

4 Reasons to Give Customer Success Workshops a Try

We could tout the importance of customer success workshops all day, but in the interest of time, we’ve narrowed our spiel down to just four of the main advantages. With that in mind, here’s why you should give these types of workshops a try if you haven’t already.

1. They’re a Boost to Customer Service

You must deliver service on your customers’ timelines instead of what is most convenient for you. And because success workshops are in real-time, they’re an unbeatable chance for you to address and resolve your customers’ service needs quickly, without a ton of run-around or hand-offs to multiple people in multiple departments.

About two-thirds of customers expect a near-immediate (10 minutes or less) response to their marketing, sales, or customer service inquiries. Meanwhile, 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with brands that satisfy their customer service expectations.

When you host success workshops, you let your customers know that they — and any issues they might be having — matter to you. Not only does this give a significant boost to the customer service experience, but it also helps you build more trust and strengthen the relationships you have with your buyers.

2. They Lead to More Educated Customers

Knowledge is power. When you provide your customers with a chance to ask questions, you help them understand your product or service better. This helps them get as much out of it as possible and use it to their full advantage. Remember, you know more about the features and limitations of what you’re selling than anybody else. Passing this information on to buyers isn’t just good business; it’s necessary for creating an engaged and loyal customer base.

Educated consumers become loyal consumers. Using customer success workshops as a way to pass on key knowledge and amplify the utility of your product or service helps lead to customers who trust and advocate for your brand, and who more fully recognize the value that they get out of working with you.

3. They Keep Issues From Escalating

The only way to get an issue to go away is to address it. Otherwise, you risk losing the customer. When you make yourself more accessible to your customers through success workshops, you help make sure that their questions don’t go unanswered — and, thus, don’t expand over time.

Customers aren’t always great at troubleshooting their problems on their own. And they shouldn’t have to be. As the authority on your product or service, it’s your job to provide solutions and/or useful workarounds when they arise and to keep small problems from turning into big ones. Giving your customers a chance to ask for one-on-one help puts a pin in the big stuff and increases the potential of what you’re selling.

4. They Humanize Your Brand

We rely on robots for a lot these days, but it doesn’t change the fact that humans like to work with humans. Customers want to know that there’s a real person dedicated to their needs on the other end of that email or chatbox.

Customer success workshops give your brand a face and voice. This breaks down any real or perceived barriers to connection, making your business not just more accessible but more relatable too. Your customers won’t have any doubt that there are actual people behind the product or service, and that these people are committed to their satisfaction.

Everyone wants happier customers. Start talking to your team today about how you can implement customer success workshops, and build a more informed, more attuned pool of clients.