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The Small Business Guide to Going Remote

In an effort to flatten the curve, stay safe, and avoid Covid-19 from spreading more rapidly, a lot of us have moved to an all-remote work situation. This is quite an adjustment, and when navigating these new waters, we’re also trying to do as little as possible to rock the boat and disrupt our normal workflow.

Shifting our productivity and collaboration efforts is one thing. But client and prospect interaction along with sales efforts are all in need of adjustment. In our effort to be as helpful as possible, we rounded up everything you’ll ever need while you make room for this new reality. We’ve got tips for optimizing email marketing, remote meetings and webinars, building a website, and so much more.

How To:

Communicate with Customers

What we’re experiencing is a delicate subject to address. Make sure you handle with care and use the right approach. Here are some tips for communicating with your customers at this time, as well as how you can help small businesses.


Utilize Email Marketing

Now, more than ever, you need to be utilizing email marketing. If you’re worried about what these new changes could mean for your business, then your clients and prospects are worried, too. Make sure you’re keeping in touch with them by sharing valuable resources they could use right now, and letting them know that you’re available to them.

Get up to speed on the ins and outs of email marketing with, “The Small Business Owner’s Guide To Email Marketing Success.”


Times are tough

If you’re having to scale back on budgets, then check out our parent company, Benchmark Email’s free email marketing platform for small businesses.

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Host a Webinar or Live Broadcast

A lot of people are working remotely, so take advantage of it by bringing your tips to them. Providing real-time assistance and education can do a lot for others right now, so get creative and go live.


Build a Simple Website

If you find yourself needing to update or change your website so you can accommodate for better online sales and marketing methods, we’ve got you covered. Check out some resources below.

Leverage Local Search, Google My Business, and SEO

Making sure you’re easily found online is just another modern marketing tactic. But, it doesn’t hurt to make sure your SEO strategy is up to snuff. Help your business get found online easier with these helpful articles.


Use Tools and Tips that Enable Remote Work

Don’t let working from home ruin any progress you’ve made on projects or create a disconnect between you and your colleagues. Having the right tools and tips to enable your workflow will ensure you don’t miss a beat and stick to your deadlines and strategies.


Take Your Marketing Online

Marketing your small business online is an affordable way to scale, even during times like these when it’s nothing but business as usual. Check out our Small Business Guide to Online Marketing for everything you need to know about marketing online on a shoestring budget:

Once you have a strategy in place, you need the right tools to execute effectively. We’ve compiled a list of 64 small business tools to help:

And Now, a Word From our Partners.

In our efforts to stay completely up to speed on what’s happening and how it affects small businesses, we’ve found some great articles by our peers and partners. Take a look at some of the most informative content out there about what is currently happening.


Need more help?

Need more help? Benchmark Email CEO, Jonathan Herrick, is offering free office hours to small businesses. Jonathan has seen businesses through 9-11, the 2008 recession, and has great insight on how small businesses can navigate these challenging times. Book a time to chat, below:

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