As a marketing agency, you’re expected to be on top of your game when it comes to marketing trends and technology. But when the pace of digital marketing moves so quickly, it can be tough to keep up.

Twitter is the perfect place to keep a pulse on the world of digital marketing. In real time you can spot emerging and changing trends, learn about new technology, stay abreast of news across the industry and keep up with a variety of content channels–publications, experts, authors, research groups and consultants.

Not only does following marketing influencers on Twitter keep you in the know, but it can also help your audience look to your own Twitter profile as the go-to resource for trending news and information in your speciality – whether you’re an SEO expert, content marketing guru or web design master.

Here’s a round-up of thought leaders, experts, top creatives and digital strategists who are tweeting about marketing.  Follow these ten Twitter handles to fuel new ideas, broaden your team’s perspective and stay at the top of your game:


It may not be groundbreaking to suggest you follow Adweek, but it’s important. Adweek covers the world of marketing, media and agencies and as a publication–and a Twitter feed–its finger is on the intersection of all of them. Tweets introduce new online magazines, news about mergers and breakups, profiles of creative shops, and breaking news about all forms of media, new apps, new technology and more.


Alex Kantrowitz is a senior tech reporter at Buzzfeed, and a veteran of AdAge and ForbesTech. Kantrowitz regularly breaks tech news before his contemporaries, including news about Twitter. He covers social media and communications and regularly tweets about both, frequently and often in real time. His feed includes tweets about everything from Supreme Court rulings to Samsung’s exploding phones.


Ann Handley is the head of content at MarketingProfs and the author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller, “Everybody Writes.” There’s no reason not to follow her. She posts articles from the MarketingProf’s blog, her own marketing tips and her savvy opinions on content marketing. Her tweets are generally about branding and marketing, targeting customers, using social media, and other topics related to marketing, sales, content and the customer experience.


Erin Bury is managing director of @88Creative in Toronto, a boutique digital agency, and she contributes to the Financial Post and other publications. Her twitter feed is a mashup of what’s going on inside her agency, writing she likes, the startups she reps and discussions happening in the many panels and events in which she participates.


Brian Solis is a principal at Altimeter Group, a research-based advisory firm. He is a digital analyst and futurist, recognized as a thought leader on the future of digital, but also an author, blogger, writer and speaker. He tweets about the relationship between evolving technology, business and society and works with brands, celebrities and startups to help them adapt to technological changes in the market. His feed is inspiring and insightful, with everything from new reports on digital marketing, the social economy, customer experience, social experience and more.  


Shiv Singh is the global head of digital and marketing transformation –their title, not ours—at Visa, and he’s also the author of “Social Media Marketing for Dummies.” His Twitter feed is chock full of his opinions on the social and digital worlds and isn’t just a barrage of links (and retweeted links). He tweets articles he finds interesting, news about Visa, and information on venture capital, the economy, design thinking, marketing and more.


RDW Group is a marketing agency in Providence, RI with a focus on communications and connections, specifically with a brand’s target audiences, especially hard-to-reach ones. They do innovative work creatively, strategically and analytically, including how they measure a campaign’s performance. Their Twitter feed is filled with useful information about branding, social media, content marketing, new technologies, apps, and links to their leading-edge blog posts (see: everything a marketing agency should be reading about).


Grey Advertising’s feed is awash in tech information from everywhere—the world of social networks, social media, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, technology advertising and more—and other super interesting topics. Did you know, for example, that 2.9 trillion emojis will be sent worldwide this year?  And that “emoji elite” is a thing? If you followed this handle, you would.


Byron Sharp is a professor of marketing science and director of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute at the University of South Australia. He tweets about marketing and science, things like a link to an article about how CMO presentations can be exciting and evidence-based at the same time, about brand voice, and lots and lots of tweets about stats, as well as links to his very readable, intellectual blog.


Nathalie Nahai is a web psychologist and author—and yes, that means she wrote a book about the psychology of online persuasion–so she knows about digital marketing and what makes it work, because she understands the strategies that make us click. Her feed focuses on the intersection of marketing, psychology, tech and human behavior. Her work is on applying scientific rigor to website design, content marketing and products.

Whether you’re a boutique marketing agency or an industry giant, it’s hard to stay up to date with all of the new players in the digital world. Add these handles to a customized Twitter list so that you and your team don’t miss a beat.