If your email inbox looks like mine, you’re bombarded with generic email after generic email every day. I get it — it’s hard to make emails sent by the hundreds or thousands feel personalized. Nonetheless, nobody wants to feel like a number. While it’s hard to avoid inserting a generic salutation before hitting send on a batch email, segmenting according to audience and personalizing your sign-off for each is key.

People expect some emails, such as newsletters and form completion emails, to be formulaic. But if a sales pitch comes across as cold and impersonal, you’re doing something wrong. Even when you use a template to construct important emails, personalizing whenever possible can leave a lasting impression.

The sign-off section of an email provides a ripe opportunity to add a unique touch to automated messaging.

The best types of sign-off reminds the recipient of a prior shared discussion or interaction — in short, they show that you’re a real person.

Goodbyes are hard, but not if you can manage a well-executed sign-off.

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