This April Fool’s Day, the trick’s on someone else.

We’ve all been there. We plan out a strategy or initiate some sort of content tactic, and it falls totally flat. A lot of content marketing is taking a shot and seeing what lands. And when things don’t totally go as planned, we forget that the industry is all about trying new things, measuring results, and then making improvements.

No matter how you deal with content defeat, the feeling of foolishness can be very real. Luckily, there’s always room for improvement and growth and to get it right the next time around. 

In an effort to help you feel less foolish and create better content, we’re sharing with you some of our greatest blog posts on content marketing. No more content foolery for you! 

1. Where to Look When Your Creative Blog Ideas Dry Up

It’s crucial to keep your blog going, even if your creativity is on the fritz. Get some tips on how to maintain creativity and find those content gems to fill your blog editorial calendar with. 

2. How to Write a Marketing Blog that Ranks on Google

Not optimizing your blog for SEO is one of the most foolish things you can do. With so many customers relying on search engines to find solutions for them, it’s crucial for your content to rank. 

3. Content Marketing Ideas for Each Stage of the Sales Funnel

Ah, the sales funnel. Getting your customers to come to you, then nurturing them once they do, requires a lot of different kinds of content. In this blog post, we break down each stage of the funnel and the types of content you can be creating and using for each. 

4. The Key to Updating Evergreen Content

Have you ever looked back at content you created and thought, “What was I thinking?” Some content just doesn’t age well, which can result in the biggest facepalm moment. Keep the embarrassment to a minimum with these tips for long-lasting, valuable content. 

5. 6 of the Best Ways to Source Blog Topic Ideas

Keep your content timely and aligned with the needs of your key audience members by diving into various ways to generate high-quality topics. You may want to bookmark these tips, as they’re sure to be useful time and time again. 

6. Why You Should Do a Content Refresh Right Now

Don’t let dated content go unnoticed. Performing regular content refreshes will keep the quality up and your audience engaged. 

7. 3 Types of Content People Want to Consume

What’s the best way to avoid being foolish with your content creation? Tap into the types of content that you know your audience is looking for. 

8. Are You Using the Right Content for Lead Generation?

Generating leads is an ongoing struggle and necessity. Content can help ensure leads keep coming in, but you have to make sure you’re using the right kinds of content. 

9. Are You Making These 5 Blogging Mistakes?

Here are five things that will get you on the fast track to tomfoolery town. 

10. The Ultimate Guide to Writing Killer Headlines

Headlines matter big time for your content. They’re very similar to email subject lines in that they are the first impression readers get from your content. Make sure you craft headlines that are memorable and inspire clicks. 

11. Embrace Your Niche for More Impactful Content Marketing

There may be nothing worse than generic content. Writing about stuff that others have already done time and time again won’t get your content read, and it won’t make your leads want to learn more about your business. This article shares tips on how to embrace your niche, which can result in more unique and compelling content. 

12. 8 Elements of a Stellar Blog Post

If you want your blog content to hit it out of the park, there are eight components you need to keep a careful eye on. 

13. The Value of Writing for Humans in an SEO-Driven World

Yes, you want to make sure you’re considering SEO when you’re putting your content together. However, if it results in content that completely lacks the human element, then no one will relate or engage with it. It’s all about balance! 

14. How To Make Sure Your Content Stays Compelling

If your content has lost its luster, don’t fret. Here are some helpful tips for keeping it compelling so you can get use out of it time and time again. 

15. How to Become a Guest-Contributor

It would be foolish not to prioritize guest content. Getting your name and links on outside sites helps promote brand awareness and can get some more traffic back to your site. Here are some actionable tips on how to become a guest contributor. 

16. 5 Reasons Clickbait Is The Worst (And How It Will Negatively Impact Your Business)

Have you ever been taken for a ride? Swindled? Bamboozled? If you have, you probably don’t ever want to feel that way again. So, don’t make your audience feel that way by creating content that’s purely clickbait. 

17. 4 Tricks For Creating More Shareable Content

Getting your content on more peoples’ radars means more brand awareness and more potential prospects to engage with. Here’s how to make your content shareable, so more people spread the word and get your brand out there. 

18. 5 Ways To Guarantee Your Readers Trust Your Content

Trust is at the foundation of solid, successful marketing. If your readers don’t believe what you’re putting out there, then there’s no way they’re going to trust your business. 

19. 10 Tools to Help Content Marketers Publish and Promote More Content

We love a good tool roundup. Here are some that will make creating, publishing, and promoting your content a breeze. 

20. 5 Tips for Combating Declining SEO Rankings

Are you seeing your content fall lower and lower down the results page? All is not lost! You can combat declining SEO rankings with these five helpful tips. 

Success with your content isn’t always a straight and narrow path. You may be flying high one minute and feeling foolish and down in the dumps the next. But, how you move forward and use what you learned with your future content will make all the difference. We hope these 20 articles help you out!